Jossa On The Rocks brand is exclusively sold in selected boutiques and in the finest optical shops.

Jossa On The Rocks eyeglasses are manufactured in a small workshop in the cadore area in Italy.

They are all handmade using only the highest quality of cellulose acetate.

The main feature of the collection is the Diamonds embeded on their frames. Synthetic brilliant cut diamonds shaped as a prism.

The collection presents 12 unisex styles with a frame, strictly in black. Each model is available is 5 different types of lenses.
Jossa On The Rocks was born in 2015, inspired by the luxurious "Carefreeness" of the sixties.

Flashy, glamorous, intentionally exagerated eyeglasses embellished with big embedded stones. Once you wore them they will make you feel like a celebrity.

They also can be worn as a precious jewel accessory in the evening.